Whether you are an experienced air gun user or a beginner looking for your first pellet pistol, the Gamo PT80 is the gun for you. Thisgamo pt80 An Independant Review of the Popular Gamo PT80 is a .177 caliber air pistol with a single action pull of 9.24 lbs and a double action pull of 9.46 lbs. The weight of the piece is 1.2 lbs and the length is 7.2”.

The accuracy is unmatched. The Gamo PT80 has a rear sight that is wind adjustable. It also has a 3 dot position aiming. The accuracy is 0.25” and has pin point accuracy at 10 yards. The barrel is rifled steel. The pistol itself is semi-automatic and you can fire the 8 shot load in 1.6 seconds. The velocity overall is 410 feet per second. The CO2 capacity is slotted for up to 80 shots (though real life usage puts it at around 50-60 shots) and there is a manual safety.

The gun functions flawlessly. It is greatly accurate, able to hit and penetrate a soda can from 40 feet even by new pistol users actually improving the accuracy of the user. The gun hits quite hard and for small game and pests (birds, squirrels) the gun can be your pest remover. There are complaints about the seal breaking, but that usually comes when the user tightens the seal too tightly. It needs only be tightened to the point of sealing, nothing further. This is only about one half or three quarters of a turn after the puncture of the CO2 cartridge.

The gun itself has a very real look to it unless you point it towards someone where they can see down the barrel. This is a good training pistol for target practice in home protection situations.

This is also a great gun for Airsoft matches. It will let your opponent know they’ve been hit without hurting them if you hit them on an exposed area. The accuracy of the pistol at short range is great and it hits much better if you are using pellets.

gamo pellets An Independant Review of the Popular Gamo PT80There are few air pistols better than the Gamo PT80. With time and practice this could become your favorite gun for family bonding nights at the backyard pistol range. The Gamo company has been making air guns since 1961 and this is one of their best pistols yet. You can’t go wrong with a Gamo PT80 as your side arm in a game of Airsoft or a hunting party for birds.

I hope this review was of some help.
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