gamo pt80 The Gamo PT 80: Not Just Your Average Pellet GunThe PT 80 is a semi automatic air pistol pellet gun – but what separates this air gun from the rest is that it is almost an exact replica of the famous SIG P220 combat pistol. This is a very eye-catching gun, it is compact yet sturdy, and although powerful and accurate, is also great fun!

The Gamo PT 80 is a double and single action pistol and accepts .177 calibre pellets, which can be fired to speeds of up to 410 feet per second. It is a very versatile gun, ideal for beginners, but also a great gun for seasoned users of air guns. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting.

Features include a double action trigger for fast firing, and an eight-shot rotary magazine, which enables you to reload with a pre-loaded magazine – perfect for fast-moving targets. Other features include rear sights adjustable for windage, a rifled steel barrel and contoured plastic grip.


• Model: Gamo PT 80
• Calibre: .177
• Velocity: 410 fps
• Weight: 1.2 lbs
• Barrel Length: 10.8 cm / Overall Length: 18.2 cm
• CO2: 12 Gram
• Action: CO2 Air Pistol
• Trigger Pull: 9.64 lbs
• Barrel: Rifled Steel / Finish: Matte Black
• Sights: 3 dot position aiming
• Scope Rail: Trigger For Laser
• Trigger: Single or Double Action
• Magazine Capacity: 8-Shot Rotary Clip
• Safety: Manual
• Grips: Plastic/Synthetic
• Usage: Target Practice / Action – Fun

User comments:

“I’ve had the Gamo for a few months now and although generally speaking it’s a good air gun, I do feel the power could be better. Great for close range shots though.”CO2 cartridges The Gamo PT 80: Not Just Your Average Pellet Gun

“If you’re looking for a beginner’s pellet shooter, this is definitely a good starting gun. It still packs a punch, looks good, is light and compact and handles well. I did initially experience a little trouble with the CO2 seal, but I was told this was due to over tightening. I’ve since resolved this and am getting around 60 shots per cartridge until it runs out of steam, which I think is about average. A great little gun.”

“The Gamo pt 80 is a good, versatile gun and great value for money. A few issues with the sights, which are tricky to align, but once you get it right, it’s very accurate. Overall I think it’s a great piece of kit and great price. Definitely recommend.”

“I found the PT 80 to be a really accurate and powerful firer. I have been using it for around a year now, and no problems.”

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Whether you are an experienced air gun user or a beginner looking for your first pellet pistol, the Gamo PT80 is the gun for you. Thisgamo pt80 An Independant Review of the Popular Gamo PT80 is a .177 caliber air pistol with a single action pull of 9.24 lbs and a double action pull of 9.46 lbs. The weight of the piece is 1.2 lbs and the length is 7.2”.

The accuracy is unmatched. The Gamo PT80 has a rear sight that is wind adjustable. It also has a 3 dot position aiming. The accuracy is 0.25” and has pin point accuracy at 10 yards. The barrel is rifled steel. The pistol itself is semi-automatic and you can fire the 8 shot load in 1.6 seconds. The velocity overall is 410 feet per second. The CO2 capacity is slotted for up to 80 shots (though real life usage puts it at around 50-60 shots) and there is a manual safety.

The gun functions flawlessly. It is greatly accurate, able to hit and penetrate a soda can from 40 feet even by new pistol users actually improving the accuracy of the user. The gun hits quite hard and for small game and pests (birds, squirrels) the gun can be your pest remover. There are complaints about the seal breaking, but that usually comes when the user tightens the seal too tightly. It needs only be tightened to the point of sealing, nothing further. This is only about one half or three quarters of a turn after the puncture of the CO2 cartridge.

The gun itself has a very real look to it unless you point it towards someone where they can see down the barrel. This is a good training pistol for target practice in home protection situations.

This is also a great gun for Airsoft matches. It will let your opponent know they’ve been hit without hurting them if you hit them on an exposed area. The accuracy of the pistol at short range is great and it hits much better if you are using pellets.

gamo pellets An Independant Review of the Popular Gamo PT80There are few air pistols better than the Gamo PT80. With time and practice this could become your favorite gun for family bonding nights at the backyard pistol range. The Gamo company has been making air guns since 1961 and this is one of their best pistols yet. You can’t go wrong with a Gamo PT80 as your side arm in a game of Airsoft or a hunting party for birds.

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Gamo PT-80 is a well-known air pistol model produced by Gamo, a Spain-based company that is also the largest European air rifle manufacturer.

Gamo PT-80 is great target shooter and one of the sharpest CO2 pistols available. The air pistol is also available with wooden grip (PT-80 Wood), laser sight (PT-80 Laser), as well as tactical flash light (PT-80 Tactical).
This air pistol is easy to operate and has semi automatic action with 8 shot magazine so you can fire 8 shots in 1.6 seconds with power and accuracy. As an addition, it can reach muzzle velocities of up to 410 ft / sec and it uses .177 pellets and CO cartridges.

Gamo PT-80 also has single and double action trigger, is comfortable to carry and has a good weight of about 1 pound. The PT-80 air pistol is 7.5 inches in length, with 4.25 inches of that being the rifled steel barrel. The barrel breaks in back to reveal the 8 shot rotary clips for quick reloads.

Below are the general details of features, power, and dimensions of Gamo PT-80:

  • Ammunition: Pellet
  • Precision Rifled Steel barrel
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for Windage, 3 Dot position Aiming
  • Manual safety
  • Semi-Automatic CO2 Pistol with 8 shots
  • Capacity of C)2: 80 Shots
  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity: 410 ft/sec
  • Accuracy: 0.25” Groups at 10 yards
  • Length: 7.2″
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Trigger Pull – Double Action: 9.46 lbs
  • Trigger Pull – Single Action: 9.24 lbs

There are also some accessories available for the Gamo PT-80 air gun:

1. PT-80 Left CO2 Plastic Cover Grip

The CO2 plastic cover grip is a ready to install replacement CO2 cover for Gamo PT-80. This part often gets worn the most so here’s a Gamo cover grip replacement.

2. Magazine Clips

You can use these handy clips to keep extra 8 shot magazines on hand for fast reload. You can get cheap 3-pack magazines here.

3. Rear Sights with Dots

These Gamo PT-80 accessories allow you to have an accurate aiming point, and they are ready to install. These come as replacement parts for the Gamo pistol.

4. Plano Protector Single Pistol Case

You can carry your pistol safely and comfortably with this case, and it also enables you to avoid unnecessary movement that may damage your PT-80. You can see a cheap example of plano protector here.

5. Gamo Paper Targets

These accessories are used as poster board thick bullseye targets. Click here for examples of paper targets.

6. Gamo Air Gun Oil

Lubricating and cleaning your gun appropriately will enable you to keep it in its best shooting potential and make it more long-lasting. However, you should always make sure that the gun is unloaded, and you should turn the safety on before cleaning it. Click here for Gamo Air Gun Oil Prices.

When you have decided to invest in a Gamo PT-80 and its accessories, remember to always be careful because after all the air pistol is not a toy. You should always read and apply the instructions provided in the manual to assure safety for yourself and others.

You should as well bear in mind to always keep the air pistol or pellets out of reach of children, and never point your gun to anyone or anything even when it is unloaded to prevent unwanted consequences.

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Gamo PT 80 Accessories

An air pistol is a rifle or pistol which shoots pellets and such by using air. Air pistols will use either CO2 gas or regular air to create enough tension behind the bullet or pellet so that it propels it through the air.

There are several different types of air pistol andwe will be writing about a few of the most common ones.

Spring-Piston Air Pistol:

This air pistol gains its power simply by cocking the gun. The harder it is to cock the more likely it is that the bullet or pellet will travel at the speed of sound. Clever huh?

As the title of this air pistol would suggest – the main momentum is created by a spring. This spring is located in the compression chamber and is engaged through the action of cocking the pistol.

Although a very simple design, this is usually one of the most popular. The design features have been tried and tested and as it doesn’t rely on any type of gas, it is relatively sound with few issues.

The main issues that people do have with a spring-piston are that the vibrations from the spring have on occasions caused the aim to be slightly off. For those who have experience shooting with this type of air pistol, however, it is an issue that is easily rectified.

Gas Spring Air Pistol:

Rather than using a traditional spring, a gas spring air pistol uses compressed air or nitrogen to shoot the bullet or pellet. Gas spring air pistols have a longer shelf life as they are easier to look after. Some say that using a gas spring air pistol after a traditional spring-position air pistol that the aim is better as there are no vibrations from the spring.

Pneumatic Air Pistol:

This type of air pistol is just the next logical step from the gas spring type. Pneumatic air pistols make the best use of air. By using cylinders or compressing and keeping air on standby allow this type of air pistol to propel the pellet or bullet. This means that you can fire multiple shots. The negative side to this is that the air pistols are usually heavier as they need added sections to hold the compressed gas.

Everyone has a preference when it comes to air pistols. Regardless of whether you use them for work (pest control and hunting) or whether it was the first type of firearm you felt comfortable with, you are sure to have your own ideas. Today gas spring air pistols are the most commonly bought as they maintain well and provide a good level of accuracy.

The Gamo PT-85 Blowback SOCOM

gamo pt85 socom1 e1305133563545 The Various Types of Gamo PT 85 Blowback PistolsThe Gamo PT-85 Blowback  SOCOM is a pistol that works with a 12 gram CO2 cartridge and is semi-automatic. It can be used with double or single blowback action and has a 16-round pellet magazine. The pistol also has a textured grip and a frame made of synthetic material. It showcases a quad Weaver rail and a removable imitation suppressor. When the gun is purchased, it comes with PBA platinum pellets.

To add to the arsenal of accessories for this gun, it comes with a flashlight, dot sight, laser as well as scope. The unit it powered by a CO2 cartridge and gives the user the impression that he or she is using firearms because it has actions and handling that is realistic. The Gamo PT85 Blowback SOCOM has a barrel that measures past the frame and its extra length goes within the imitation suppressor. When the suppressor is removed, approximately 6” of the barrel can be seen. The gun can be used in conjunction with the suppressor or without it.

The Gamo PT-85 Blowback Tactical

The Gamo PT-85 Blowback Tactical pistol also works with a 12 gram CO 2 cartridge and is also semi-automatic.  This pistol hasgamo pt85 tactical1 The Various Types of Gamo PT 85 Blowback Pistols a synthetic frame, double or single action and blowback action. Most of the accessories supplied are the same as the SOCOM, but enhanced.  It has a fake suppressor that you can take off, PBA pellets and 80 lumen flash light that has a switch to manage it.  The gun also has  a 650nm laser with a switch to control it. This, unlike the previous model, has an extra magazine and 30mm RGB dot sight.

The pistol has many accessories and also many features such as dovetails that allow you to connect another pistol. It also allows you to attach the flashlight and the laser sights. The flashlight needs batteries to operate, so don’t forget to buy some.  The Gamo PT-85 Blowback Tactical is made from aluminum and has a tactical bezel.

The Gamo PT-85 CO2

gamo pt851 e1305133700165 The Various Types of Gamo PT 85 Blowback PistolsThis pistol is also powered by the CO2 12 gram cartridge and has a 16 pellet double magazine and is the base model.  Just like the other two models it also has a single or double action blowback. The gun is made from rifled steel and has a manual safety guard. The sights have white dots that are reflective and the grips are made from plastic that is textured unlike the other two models that have synthetic grips.

The weight of the Gamo PT85 CO2 is approximately one and half pounds and measures approximately 7 ¾ inches long. It’s velocity is up to 450 FPS and the ammunition required must be .177 caliber.

Some of the benefits include the fact that it is accurate whether you use the lasers or not. The blowback action adds realistic features to the unit. Because it has a rail, there are many add-ons and accessories that can be installed on it like lights and lasers or a combination of both. The magazine can be loaded quickly and easily.

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